To write for There Was Nowhere you must use something that is already on the site as a starting point; be it a word, phrase, or theme. You must not copy it, but use it as inspiration to create a new piece. Think of it as a word association game but with literature.

All submissions must be sent via e-mail to with the category you are submitting as the subject line, e.g. poetry submission.

The piece must be entered into the body of the e-mail and NOT as an attachment.

Include a 20 word maximum biography within the body of the e-mail.

Your work can have been previously published, as long as it fits in with the idea of the site. Please include the details of where so that we can link to it. If your work is published on the site you do retain rights to the piece and can continue to seek other methods of publication for the piece whilst it is on the site.

You may be asked to edit or change parts of your work for publication.


30 Lines maximum


600 words maximum

Creative Non – Fiction:

800 words maximum

If you have anything else that you think will accompany the piece; photo, video or interesting article, please include this in the submission.

Any questions e-mail:


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