Budget Family Room

by Helen Addy

Assocation: The title reminded me of a recent travel experience of being stuck in a dirty, disappointing and dysfunctional family hotel room. Despite the experience being frustrating (“Nowhere to go”), I was also lucky enough to have the awareness that even challenging experiences, can sometimes become a door into grace that transforms not only that place/experience but also subsequent ones. (The negative connotations of “Nowhere” being transformed into the positivity of “Everywhere”; broken guttering transforming ordinary rain into a firework display)

Budget Family Room

TV veiled with a white towel;

nightlight of soft blur,

dancing Impressionism.


Towel rail disconnected

for your safety;

parcel tape licking bare wires.


Fist sized holes in the plaster;

kids’ questions answered

with giant mice.


Keycard intruders at 1am;

adrenalin misfired into a family

given the wrong room.


Loose guttering outside

turning night rain into crackling fireworks;

morning sun into slices of light.

Helen Addy, 33, is from Forres and has been previously published in BUGGED, Pushing Out the Boat, SOUTH and Carillon.



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3 responses to “Budget Family Room

  1. Jane Yeadon

    Helen’s hotel room description is clever and witty with just enough of an acerbic touch to show she’s no push over in reality checks but manages to bring her own brand of sunshine. I look forward to hearing more, from and about this writer.

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